e-TOLL in the IKO PKO Bank Polski mobile application

IKO is the most popular mobile banking application in Poland with a wide range of functions. It is used to service accounts and finances at PKO Bank Polski and helps in many other daily activities, such as paying for tolls on motorways.

How to start using the IKO mobile application?

  1. Enter the app store of your device and search for the IKO app by typing "IKO" or "PKO". Then click the application icon and the download button. Find the IKO app in your app store by typing 'IKO' in its search engine.
  2. Open the IKO app and click Next.
  3. Select the Activate the application button if you are already a client of PKO Bank Polski or Open a selfie account and follow the instructions that the application will show.

How to buy e-TOLL e-ticket in IKO?

  1. In IKO, select: More → Services → Motorway tolls → Current → Buy an e-ticket.
  2. Select a vehicle → Select a motorway → Place of entry and exit → planned date and time of entry
  3. We will charge the fee automatically from your account at PKO Bank Polski.

How to return e-TOLL e-ticket bought in IKO?

e-tickets can be returned in the application only before the declared date and time of the start of the journey. In IKO, select Motorway tolls -> Current -> e-ticket details -> e-ticket return.

More about the IKO mobile application: https://iko.pkobp.pl/