Device failure - procedure

If you are already drive on a toll road with e-TOLL and your device has stopped working, you can pay for the drive without transmitting data to the system and continue it without an operational GPS device, after you declare your route.

On the Online Customer Account, use the "Complete drive" function and specify the place where the device stopped working and the destination. After that, you can continue your drive.

You must pay the fee for the declared drive in advance. For prepaid accounts, it is required to have funds to pay for the declared drive. If you do not have funds, complete them before submitting the declaration.

In exceptional situations, e.g., when the vehicle:

  • participates in a rescue operation;
  • is used for transporting live animals, milk, medicines, dangerous goods, concrete, municipal waste;
  • is a bus carrying passengers;

declaring your drive will be possible up to 3 days after it took place.