AdresThe e-TOLL system allows for a full range of services to be provided at ALL Customer Service Facilities, which are:

  • Distribution Points
  • Border Customer Service Facility


You can complete the services listed below yourself without the need to visit the MOK. Just log in to your Online Client Account to complete the necessary service online.

You can also top up your account using the e-TOLL PL mobile app

ikona ListaThe range of services that can be performed individually online as well as at Customer Service Facilities applies to prepaid and deferred payment accounts:

  • registration in the e-TOLL system,
  • checking of the payment account,
  • account top up,
  • receiving a list of completed transactions,
  • editing of recorded data (e.g. change of address, contact details, etc.),
  • adding vehicles to the payment account,
  • removing vehicles from the payment account,
  • closing the payment account,
  • purchase of an On-Board Equipment.

ikona telefonIn the e-TOLL system, you have the possibilty of assigning a vehicle to:


  • free e-TOLL PL app
  • ELS (External Localization System)
  • OBU (On Board Unit)

Ikona usługiFurthermore, at the Customer Service Facility, you have the following possibilities:


  • pay a debit note (only applicable to deferred payment accounts),
  • pay the cash collateral for a deferred payment account by card or quick payment
  • receive a refund after the payment account had been closed,

as well as

  • report a general or technical problem,
  • lodge a financial complaint in writing.