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Fleed card providers

  • If you are a fleet card provider and your services do not yet include e-TOLL, please contact us: fci@etoll.gov.pl.
  • In the Materials to download section, you will find templates of agreements with appendices.


  • Agreement

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 239,75 KB

  • Appendix 1_Scope_of_Work

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 275,54 KB

  • Appendix 3_Monthly_Report

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 169,7 KB

  • Appendix 4_Licence_Agreement

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 97,27 KB

  • Appendix 7_ Privacy Statement

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 92,67 KB

  • Appendix 8_Entrepreneur's_Statement

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 112,11 KB

  • UC SPOE KAS Integration FCI

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 984,24 KB

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