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Online Customer Acount (OCA)

Get things done faster

Online Customer Account (OCA) is a service where, after logging in at login.mf.gov.pl, you have access to e-TOLL data, documents and services in a single location. You can manage your account online from anywhere, without having to visit a Customer Service Facility.

Join over a million users! Have everything under control, at your fingertips.

In the OCA you can

  • register in e-TOLL,
  • make and manage payments,
  • view financial notes,
  • manage users (by, among others, granting access to representatives and employees),
  • manage vehicles and assign them to the billing account,
  • manage geolocation devices (among others, by transferring them between vehicles),
  • send requests (regarding, among others, transfer/refund of funds, change in data),
  • complete the trip - if the location device has stopped working and is not transmitting geolocation data, you can continue the trip after declaring the route, more in FAQ.

How to create an account in the OCA

Log in to login.mf.gov.pl using:

  • trusted profile/mObywatel application/e-ID/electronic banking
  • login and password – if you do not have a login and password yet, register first.
    Read the detailed information about the e-TOLL registration process in the How to register in e-TOLL tab.

How to log in to the OCA

  • If you have already created an account and want to use it, log in by clicking Log in to the OCA on the homepage of etoll.gov.pl.
  • Use the link.

Materials to download

  • Creating an account OCA

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 1.39 MB

  • Instruction for use OCA

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 1.67 MB

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