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EETS Providers

Role and responsibilities of EETS providers

  • Collection of tolls for driving on the toll road network – Users who have decided to use the services of a given EETS provider fulfill their obligation to pay for their trip and do not have to settle accounts with the national toll collector (the Head of the National Revenue Administration) any longer.
  • Providing the user with an on-board unit necessary to charge the tolls.

Tolls are settled between the EETS user and the EETS provider, and between the EETS provider and the Head of the National Revenue Administration.

What does the accreditation procedure look like

The EETS provider accreditation procedure is launched after sending an application to the Ministry of Finance – National Revenue Administration for authorizing the provider to offer EETS in the EETS Toll Domain managed by the Head of the National Revenue Administration, along with the required documents.
The application should be sent:

  • in paper form to the following correspondence address:

Ministerstwo Finansów – Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa
Departament Poboru Opłat Drogowych
ul. Świętokrzyska 12
00-916 Warszawa

In order to streamline communication, it is also recommended to send the application in electronic form (with attachments) to EETS@mf.gov.pl.

Where can information about registered providers be found

Information about EETS providers registered in Poland is available on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure at: Krajowy Elektroniczny Rejestr Obszarów EETS i Dostawców EETS - Ministerstwo Infrastruktury - Portal Gov.pl (www.gov.pl).

Materials to download

  • Toll Domain Statement

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 1,08 MB

Ministerstwo FinansówKrajowa Administracja Skarbowa

e-TOLL helpline

+48 22 24 337 77

Application form

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