• Fleet cards

Fleet cards

In e-TOLL, you can use your fleet card to settle tolls for toll sections on expressways and national roads. 

A provider that intends to render the e-TOLL service has its IT system tested for integration with the Electronic Toll Collection System of the National Revenue Administration. More information about the integration process can be found in the Fleet cards – providers tab

List of e-TOLL-integrated providers

  • Orlen, DKV, UTA, Shell Card, BP/Aral, Circle K, EuroWAG, AS24, Mercedes Card, E100, AutoPay.

What does the provider offer

  • registration in e-TOLL,
  • assignment of a fleet card to a settlement account in the secured periodic payment mode (postpaid) at the Customer Service Center (MOK) and in the Internet Customer Account (IKK).

What can you do with a fleet card in e-TOLL

  • pay the debit note via the Internet Customer Account or at the Customer Service Center,
  • top up your prepaid account in e-TOLL (prepaid) at the Customer Service Center (MOK) and in the Internet Customer Account (IKK).

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