• Registration in e-TOLL

Registration in e-TOLL

How to register in e-TOLL

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Online (the fastest method) via the Online Customer Account (OCA)

With registration in e-TOLL

  • you get free of charge 24/7 online access to the Online Customer Account,
  • you can handle current matters without leaving home,
  • you have access to the application forms from anywhere.

Check what you need to register as

Online registration – Online Customer Account (OCA)

How to create an account: 

  • click Login to the OCA in the top bar of the page,
  • choose the login method and confirm your identity using:
    • trusted profile,
    • e-ID,
    • electronic banking,
    • mObywatel mobile application,
    • or by setting a login and password – in this case, a visit and verification at a Customer Service Facility is necessary,
  • specify the type of entity being registered – a natural person or a company,
  • select the registration method – simplified (for a natural person and a natural person running a business) or full,
  • complete the mandatory fields to set up an OCA,
  • create a billing account,
  • add your vehicle,
  • choose the financing form – a prepaid account or postpaid account with collateral,
  • add a location device (e-TOLL PL app, OBU or ELS),
  • pair the location device with the vehicle using a business ID,
  • activate the location device in the OCA.

Registration in person in the Customer Service Facility (MOK) network or through a selected fleet card provider

How to create an account:

  • prepare the necessary documents for the selected registration type: a natural person or a company,
  • a MOK employee or a representative of the fleet card provider will create and register an account. To this end, they will ask you to complete the necessary information regarding the entity or vehicles being registered,
  • after registration, you will get online access to manage your account in the OCA,
  • provide the employee or representative with the ID card details of the persons who are to have access to your OCA.

Materials to download

  • Creating an account OCA - private person

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 1,46 MB

  • Creating an account OCA - company

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 2,46 MB

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