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e-TOLL PL mobile application

About the application

The e-TOLL PL mobile application is a free application that will enable you to pay electronic tolls for driving on toll road sections in Poland in the e-TOLL system.

With application:

  • you can pay the toll easily and conveniently,
  • you will top up your prepaid account,
  • you will share geolocation data for the purposes of the SENT system*, more about the SENT in the SENT transport section below,
  • you can view the record of your trips,
  • you will gain access to notifications and messages.

How to start using the e-TOLL PL application

  1. download the application from Google Play or AppStore,
  2. accept the Regulations and Privacy Policy,
  3. register the device in the Online Customer Account (once the installation on your phone has been completed, you will receive a unique business ID needed to register)

More information about the registration process can be found in the How to register tab

How to add the application in the Online Customer Account

  1. Create a device – enter the business ID in the Devices tab.
  2. Assign your device to the vehicle.
  3. Activate your device.

Making a trip via the e-TOLL PL mobile application

Before entering a toll road section, press the “Start trip” button, and after completing the trip, press the “End trip” button.
The vehicle’s geolocation data will be automatically transferred to the e-TOLL system.
For the e-TOLL PL mobile application to work properly:

  • connect to the Internet on your mobile device,
  • grant permissions to obtain locations,
  • turn off battery optimization for the Android operating system.

More information about the functions in the e-TOLL PL mobile application can be found in e-TOLL PL application User Manual Read.

Transport in the SENT

The e-TOLL PL mobile application will enable you to share geolocation data for the purposes of the SENT system*. The application functionalities will enable you to mark the start and end of transport monitored in the System for Electronic Transport Supervision (SENT).
The National Revenue Administration monitors (in Poland) transport of “sensitive goods” by road and rail. Information on monitored transport can be found on PUESC (Electronic Tax and Customs Services Platform).

Materials to download

  • Instructions for use of the e-TOLL PL mobile application

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 1.16 MB

  • e-TOLL PL application User Manual

    Format: pdf | Rozmiar: 4.69 MB

Declaration of Accessibility

Legal basis

*Act of 9 March 2017 on the system for monitoring road and rail transport of goods and trade in heating fuels.

Ministerstwo FinansówKrajowa Administracja Skarbowa

e-TOLL helpline

+48 22 24 337 77

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