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  • Pay for your trips on toll road sections in Poland quickly, conveniently and cashlessly.
  • Use your Online Customer Account to manage your account without leaving home.
  • Choose the device that best suits your needs
  • e-TOLL system = modern technology. The electronic system concerned uses Global Navigation Satellite Systems GNSS technology that consists in sending vehicle location data to the system. This is possible thanks to the on-board unit that the vehicle must be equipped with.
  • e-TOLL system is approximately 3600 km of the toll road network.
  • Your data is safe - the vehicle’s geolocation data collected by the system is encrypted and used only to implement processes related to electronic toll payment.

Who is e-TOLL for

For the owner, user, holder of a motor vehicle and a combination of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tons, as well as a bus, regardless of its maximum permissible weight, using toll road sections in Poland managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

More information can be found in the Those concerned  tab, and a detailed list of toll road sections is available in the Toll road network.

Devices tailored to your needs

The open sales model ensures a wide selection of devices. The market offers portable on-board units (OBU) and External Location Systems (ELS) provided by various operators. Choose the device type that best suits your needs. 
More information about OBUs can be found in the On-board units (OBU)  tab. If you want to find out more about ELSs, go to the External Location System (ZSL) tab.

Use the e-TOLL PL mobile application

Free mobile application for e-TOLL system users you can download from Google Play or AppStore. Aplikacja służy do przekazywania danych geolokalizacyjnych do systemu e-TOLL. The application is used to transfer geolocation data to the e-TOLL system. You can find more about the application in the e-TOLL PL mobile application tab.

Get things done in the Online Customer Account

The Online Customer Account (OCA) is a place where you can get your things done quickly and easily without leaving home – just log in at login.mf.gov.pl.

What do you gain with the OCA?

  • account, vehicle and device management,
  • payment settlement,
  • quick access to the application form with which you can: transfer funds, have funds refunded or change your data.

More information about what you can do using your account is available in the Online Customer Account tab. 

Register – it’s very easy

You have to register to use the e-TOLL system. You can do it in a few simple steps:

  1. After selecting a device, go to login.mf.gov.pl and log in.
  2. Select a payment method.
  3. Add your vehicle.
  4. Assign your device to the vehicle.

Want to know more? Read the information in the How to register in e-TOLL tab.

e-TOLL and other services

Do you drive your vehicle outside Poland?

European Electronic Toll Collection Service (EETS) will enable you to pay for driving on toll road sections in countries with electronic toll collection systems in place. More information about EETS can be found in the About EETS tab.

Do you transport “sensitive goods”?

The e-TOLL PL mobile application will enable you to mark the start and end of transport monitored in the System for Electronic Transport Supervision (SENT).
More information about the SENT can be found in the e-TOLL PL mobile application tab.


If you want to learn more or have not found the answer to your question, go the FAQ tab.

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