• Customer Service Facility (MOK) e-TOLL

Customer Service Facility (MOK)

Go to www.etoll.gov.pl and log in by clicking “Log in to the OCA”. More information about the Online Customer Account can be found in the Online Customer Account tab.
Please be advised that you that you can top up your billing account also in the e-TOLL PL mobile application.

What you do at a Customer Service Facility

  • register in the e-TOLL system,
  • check the balance on your billing account,
  • top up your prepaid account,
  • pay a deposit onto your postpaid account using a credit or debit card,
  • get lists of completed transactions,
  • download and print the financial note for a given month,
  • edit your details (e.g. change in your address, contact details, etc.),
  • add a vehicle to your billing account/deregister a vehicle from your billing account,
  • add/ remove a trailer to/from the vehicle account,
  • order a refund of unused funds after deactivating your prepaid account,
  • make a complaint,
  • purchase an on-board equipment (OBU or ZSL),
  • enable/ disable/ switch on-board equipment.


Materials to download

  • List of Customer Service Facilities

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e-TOLL helpline

+48 22 24 337 77

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