About e-TOLL PL App

The e-TOLL PL app can be downloaded free of charge at Icon of the Google Play store and AppStore icon. It is supported by Android (min. 8.0) and IOS (14).

The mobile app is a free tool for collecting electronic tolls on toll road sections in the new e-TOLL system.  e-TOLL PL app is a convenient alternative for on board units (OBU) and external localization systems (ELS).

The app facilitates

Installation of the app on a mobile device

The app is available for download on Google Play and AppStore free of charge. Once the installation is complete, a device business ID is generated, which you enter in your Online Customer Account (IKK). After successful registration in IKK and adding the business ID of the e-TOLL PL mobile app, it will be visible as OBE (On Board Equipment), ready to be assigned to a vehicle. After indicating in which vehicle the application will be used, the user can start driving on toll roads.

Configure the application and assign vehicles to it in the Online Customer Account

To this end, you need to select in the app:

  • type of journey: paid and/or SENT - depending on the journey
  • the vehicle you wish to assign to your account
  • default devices monitoring the passage of your vehicle (e-TOLL PL application or ELS/OBU)

Journey and summary of the journey in the e-TOLL PL app

Launch the app and start the journey. Once the journey is complete, click “end journey” in the app and get a summary of it.

The app supports off-line mode, signals the status of the device (optimal battery status, exceeding the time of no Internet connection or no GPS signal).

Performance of the SENT transport

The e-TOLL PL app gives the possibility to start and end SENT transport at any time during the transport and allows to monitor it.

Free e-TOLL PL app means a convenience for its users as it provides

  • 9 language versions;
  • access security through an individual PIN;
  • the possibility to view the history of journeys made in the last three months;
  • the ability to view notifications and messages
  • the possibility to mute the audio messages.


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