How to register for e-TOLL

Registration on e-TOLL is mandatory for everyone willing to drive vehicles or vehicle trains with maximum authorised mass >3.5 tonnes on toll roads. There are three available registration options:

There are three available registration options:

  • online,  
  • in the network of local Customer Service Points;
  • via a selected fleet card provider.

OCA fast registration path


If you log in with a trusted profile and want to set up an account for a natural person or a natural person running a sole proprietorship, you can use the fast registration path. You can register an e-TOLL account with one vehicle and one OBU in two simple steps.

The system also automatically activates the on-board unit on the added vehicle. You can immediately enter the road covered by the electronic toll collection.

Step 1 - enter:

  • vehicle registration number
  • Business ID (on board device or mobile application)
  • contact e-mail address

Step 2 - Make a payment to your prepaid billing account balance:

  • select the payment amount (top-up from PLN 20)
  • make the payment using the method of your choice

Ready. You can go!




Online Customer Account


Free, available 24/7


You will need the following documents and information:

  • Trusted Profile (if you do not have either of them, you will need your ID card)
  • For a business:

        - where the registrant is not the owner of the company, a power of                      attorney to represent the company is required

        -company registration documents

  • Vehicle registration document and exhaust emission class document (unless specified in the registration document)

Registration of User Account in e-TOLL system

Registration of User Account in e-TOLL system


Company registration in the e-TOLL system


Vehicle registration and topping up the balance in the e-TOLL system




The Customer Service Points network comprises +200 locations, available 24/7



You will need the following at a Customer Service Point:

  • ID card
  • For a business – a document to verify the registrant’s authority to represent the business
  • Vehicle registration document and exhaust emission class document (unless specified in the registration document)

Your fleet card issuer will offer registration and comprehensive handling of transactions on e-TOLL




Registration by fleet card issuer:

  • The fleet card issuer will register the user on e-TOLL and may request necessary details of the registered customer or vehicles;
  • Every user registered by a fleet card operator has the online account management options offered by their ONLINE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT (OCA). To use these options, give the details of users to be authorized to use your OCA on e-TOLL to your fleet card issuer

During e-TOLL registration, you will have to specify the method of payment for driving on toll roads. Two payment options are available:

  • Prepaid account – you should make a prepayment to your account during registration and money will be charged regularly from the account for driving on toll roads;
  • Postpaid account – during the registration process, you will have the option to set up a collateral, i.e. a cash deposit or a guarantee. If a guarantee is selected, you will be able to use e-TOLL in the prepaid mode until your guarantee is confirmed.

You can register multiple vehicles for every single account. The required value of the collateral will increase with every vehicle registered on a postpaid account.

One more step before setting off

Add an on-board unit (OBE) to your account and link it to a registered vehicle, using your Online Customer Account or visiting a Customer Service Point of your choice.

The following on-board equipment types are available on e-TOLL:


Downloadable from:

  • Google Play

OBU – On-Board Unit

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