e-TOLL in the SkyCash application

SkyCash is a mobile application, it provides, among others, the possibility of buying e-ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can make a e-ticket purchase in the SkyCash application 60 days before the planned drive. While driving, you can use other phone functions, such as navigation, or even have the device turned off, as this does not affect the operation of the application in any way.

How to create an account in the SkyCash application?

To become a SkyCash user, first you need to download the application from one of the stores:

Then, during the first start-up, a user will be guided through a short registration process, during which they enter their data, telephone number, e-mail address and set an individual 4-digit PIN code that will be used to confirm transactions.

Using SkyCash, you can pay for motorways in two ways:

  • with the help of a Wallet, which must be loaded with cash in advance,
  • by matching a payment card to the account.

Purchases made with the use of a wallet, or a payment card are not charged with an additional commission. SkyCash is controlled by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, therefore users can be sure that all data used in the payment cards are completely safe.

How to buy an e-ticket in the SkyCash application?

  1. On the home screen, click the Motorways tile
  2. Add a vehicle
  3. Choose a motorway
  4. Specify the motorway section, the date and time of your drive
  5. Click pay.

How to return an e-ticket purchased in SkyCash?

You can return e-tickets in the application up to the declared date and time of the drive. You are encouraged to read the Terms of Service in the SkyCash application or on

Details on SkyCash can be found on