mPay logo e-TOLL in the mPay application

The mPay application enables users of light vehicles to make payments easily and quickly for toll sections of the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways.

How to create an account in the mPay application?

To become an mPay user, you must install a free mobile application on your phone and register in the system. The application is available for free download from Google Play, App Store and App Gallery in two language versions, Polish and English. The language is automatically set according to the one in which the operating system of the phone is set. You can download it in two ways:

  • entering “mPay mobile payments” in a dedicated app store
  • entering the address in the phone's web browser

The application guides you through a short registration process when you first start up. Enter your details, telephone number and e-mail address in the registration form. Each user also sets their individual PIN, i.e., a 4-digit code that will be used to confirm transactions.

Using mPay, you can make payments with the method of your choice:

  • by means of mRachunek, after supplying it with funds
  • using a payment card, without having to remember about regular top-ups (payments are then made directly from your bank account)

Each payment made in mPay must be confirmed with your individual PIN code, set during registration in the system.

No commissions are charged for transactions using mRachunek and payment cards. Mastercard is mPay's partner in handling card transactions. Due to the use of advanced security measures, the data of the payment cards used in the application are completely safe.

How to buy e-tickets in the mPay application?

  1. select a motorway tile
  2. add the vehicle for your drive or complete the required data if you have previously used parking fees with mPay
  3. choose the motorway you will drive on: A2 or A4
  4. indicate the place of entry and exit from the motorway
  5. enter the date of the journey and the method of payment
  6. make a payment using a method convenient for you:
    • funds accumulated on mRachunek
    • attached payment card
    • BLIK
    • by traditional transfer

Your e-TOLL e-ticket will be visible in the "My tickets" tab

We encourage you to watch an instructional video, which you can find on YouTube:

How to return an e-ticket purchased in mPay?

In the event of a change of plans, the e-ticket can be returned in the application before the declared date and time of your drive.

Details on the mPAy can be found on

Stationary sale of the motorway e-ticket in mPay

You can buy the e-ticket at the stationary point at Jędrzychowice 98 (59-900 Jędrzychowice) in the Dolnośląskie Province