e-TOLL at LOTOS stations 

You can buy the e-tickets at selected LOTOS service stations. The stations are marked with dedicated stickers on the entrance door and there is an information stand. List of the stations is available in the search engine on https://www.lotos.pl/3402/dla_kierowcy/stacje_lotos/e-bilet_autostradowy. The network of ticket-selling stations will be gradually expanded.

A cash register system is the application dedicated to selling e-tickets, and the description of the system operation and the operating manual for employees will be available for inspection at the company's premises.

How to buy e-tickets at a LOTOS station?

E-tickets are sold at designated LOTOS service stations in the form of a confirmation printout from a cash register.

Transactions in the cash register system are like that of any other product in the basket. The only difference is that customers need to provide information about the registration number of their car or motorcycle, the start time and the start and end locations of their drive.

How to return an e-ticket purchased at a LOTOS station?

An e-ticket purchased stationary may be returned only at the station where it was bought.

Returns will be made in cash registers on the basis of ticket printouts from a selected station authorized to sell e-tickets. When processing returns, cashiers will enter the given ticket identification number from the printout and verify the refund possibility. If the possibility is confirmed by the system, cashiers cancel e-tickets and return the equivalent of the amount for which they were bought to the customer.

List of LOTOS stations where you can buy a paper e-ticket