e-TOLL in AnyPark

The AnyPark app makes it easy to pay parking fees in paid parking zones in many Polish cities and enables you to buy a motorway e-ticket for the use of sections of state-owned A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica) motorways.

With regard to motorway tolls in the e-TOLL system, the app supports motorcycles, vehicles and groups of vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 tonnes.

How do I create an account in AnyPark?

Just download the free AnyPark app from Google Play or App Store. The app is available in two language versions: Polish and English. The language is automatically adjusted to the settings in the operating system of your phone.

The registration of a user in the AnyPark system is carried out using an active mobile phone number registered in the territory of Poland, in EU countries or associated countries (UK, Ukraine, USA and Israel). When you sign up for the phone number you want to associate with the app, you will receive a free text message with a verification code.

How to buy a motorway e-ticket in AnyPark?

The process of purchasing a motorway e-ticket is simple and quick - it only requires some necessary travel data. The purchased motorway e-ticket is valid for 48 hours from the indicated date and time of travel and is a one-time ticket.

In order to buy a motorway e-ticket in AnyPark:

  1. Press the Motorway button on the main screen of the app.
  2. Choose "Buy a motorway e-ticket".
  3. Choose the motorway you want to use and the right section.
  4. Fill in the data and type of your vehicle, as well as the country of its registration.
  5. Please indicate the planned start date and time of travel.
  6. Check all data, confirm and hit the road!

Keep the e-ticket ID for a possible check or return before the specified start date and time of travel.

How to return an e-ticket bought in AnyPark?

If you change your travel plans, you can return your motorway e-ticket in the app before the declared date and time of travel. Just go to the ticket you bought and choose "You can return this ticket".

To learn more about AnyPark, visit: or call the hotline 222-700-100 – the fee is charged according to the operator's tariff.