Update of the minimum version of the Android and iOS operating system for e-TOLL PL and e-TOLL PL TICKET

22 November 2022

On 31 January 2023, we will no longer support the e-TOLL PL and e-TOLL PL TICKET applications installed on Android devices below version 8.0. and iOS below version 14.

What does this change mean for app users?

Upgrading the operating system version for the e-TOLL PL and e-TOLL PL TICKET applications means that from 1 February 2023, it will not be possible to use these applications installed on devices with the Android operating system below version 8.0 and iOS below version 14.

Why are we updating the minimum technical requirements?

Regular updates of the minimum operating system version for which applications are available are a standard on the market due to safety and performance related reasons. Android version lower than 8.0 and iOS version lower than 14 make it impossible to make improvements that are crucial to user comfort, smooth application operation, and increase data security.

What should a user of an application with an Android version below 8.0. and iOS version below 14 do now?

The user should download and install a software update (operating system) and if this is not possible, to use another device.

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