Rules for traveling through toll plazas on A2 and A4

7 lipca 2021

  • At the toll collection points, along sections Konin-Stryków (A2) and Wrocław-Sośnica (A4) on the motorways, there are dedicated lanes for e-TOLL and viaTOLL system users and users of viaAUTO personalized on-board devices.
  • Light vehicle drivers who do not yet use the e-TOLL system should head towards the leftmost lanes of the Toll Plaza.
  • If a driver accidentally enters the motorway using the e-TOLL and viaTOLL lane, they should pay the toll collector at the exit from the motorway (manually).

The crossing lanes dedicated to e-TOLL and viaTOLL users have information boards with the logo of the new e-TOLL system placed above the road (before drivers reach the Toll Plaza) and above the gates. They are the rightmost motorway entry and exit lanes, barriers open automatically on them.

Who can use e-TOLL lanes

The lanes can be used by users of the e-TOLL system, the viaTOLL system, or those who have a personalized viaAUTO and viaBOX device. Drivers of light vehicles (with a total GVM not exceeding 3.5 tons) can pay for travels in the new system after they register (see how to do it) and download the e-TOLL PL mobile application. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the AppStore.

See how to start a paid travel in the e-TOLL PL application.

The dedicated lanes are not intended for drivers using anonymous on-board viaAUTO devices not assigned to the vehicles in which they are installed. If in doubt as to the type of the viaAUTO device you have, please contact the viaTOLL Customer Service Call Center.

What to do if I go onto the wrong lane

Drivers who do not use the e-TOLL, viaTOLL or viaAUTO personalized on-board devices should head to the leftmost gates of the Toll Plaza when entering and exiting the motorway.

If a driver accidentally enters a motorway using the lane intended for users of the e-TOLL and viaTOLL systems, they should continue the travel (without turning back and stopping the vehicle), and drive to the cash desk for users of the manual toll collection system (with the collector's sign) and pay the toll at the exit. If that happens, the toll will be collected for the longest toll section of a given motorway. If you pay for the trip manually, you will avoid imposing an extra fee on the user.

Organization of toll collection points on the A4 Wrocław - Sośnica section:

  • At the Żernica Toll Plaza and Karwiany Toll Plaza, there are two rightmost exit lanes dedicated to the e-TOLL and viaTOLL electronic tolls, where manual handling is not carried out.
  • At all A4 toll plazas, one entry lane is dedicated to e-TOLL system users.
  • At Toll Plazas, the functioning of the rightmost exit lane dedicated to e-TOLL has been changed by providing service to 3 toll collection systems (manual, viaTOLL, e-TOLL). If a user in such a lane informs the collector that they have paid the toll under the e-TOLL (SPOE KAS), they will be permitted to travel.
  • At Toll Plazas, the left exit lane is intended only for manual handling and for viaTOLL users. This lane is not intended for e-TOLL users.
  • On all entry lanes dedicated to e-TOLL system users, it is possible to collect a ticket from a dispenser. Therefore, even if a driver by mistake enters the e-TOLL entry lane without having an e-TOLL PL mobile application installed, they will collect a motorway ticket. They will be able to leave the motorway using a gate intended for manual payments and pay.

Organization of toll collection points on the A2 Konin - Stryków section:

  • During increased holiday vehicle traffic, from Friday 3.00 pm to Sunday 12.00 pm, the possibility of collecting entry tickets on lanes dedicated to e-TOLL users by drivers who do not yet pay for travels in the new system will be introduced only at Toll Plazas.
  • Having collected a motorway ticket, drivers will be able to leave the motorway using the gate intended for manual payment and pay.
  • The actions will be implemented depending on the traffic volume.