• For drivers of light vehicles, on the section of the A4 motorway (Wrocław-Sośnica), travel within the junctions located on the Gliwice bypass (Kleszczów - Gliwice Sośnica) is free of charge.

    Tolls for travel on the Kleszczów - Gliwice Sośnica section are collected when the user enters the free bypass (e.g., the entry will take place at the Gliwice Sośnica junction, Gliwice Bojków, Gliwice Ostropa, Kleszczów) and exits one of the toll sections of the A4 motorway (e.g., at Bielany Wrocławskie junction).

    The intention of the free section of the Gliwice bypass is not to collect tolls from users locally moving within the Gliwice agglomeration.

  • These are sections located on the Gliwice bypass, i.e., Gliwice Sośnica, Gliwice Bojków, Gliwice Ostropa, Kleszczów and only traveling between the sections is free.

    When the route of the journey exceeds free sections, the user will be obliged to pay the fee for the entire section travelled.

  • The Autopay application works on the following sections: AmberOne A1 and A4 Kraków-Katowice, and from December 1, 2021, it also covered the state sections of the A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica) motorways. Motorway tolls paid via the Autopay application require the transfer of GPS data to the e-TOLL system. Therefore, the Autopay application must be running (at least in the background) during the journey. The application works in the background without logging in, but if you want to make changes to your account in the application, you must complete the login process.

  • The e-TOLL system is valid on motorway sections managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways:

    • A2 - Konin – Stryków (99 km)
    • A4 - Wrocław – Sośnica (162.4 km)
  • No, there isn’t. The A4 motorway, section Katowice-Kraków, is not yet covered by the new e-TOLL Electronic Toll Collection System. Currently, the toll collector on this section is Stalexport Autostrady S.A.

  • If you have changed your plans, you can return the e-ticket you have purchased, if you make the return before the declared date and time of travel. You can make the return in the same way as you bought the ticket.

    Remember to keep the individual number - the identifier that each motorway e-ticket has. You will need to provide it when returning your e-ticket.