• It is one of the payment methods for using motorways on the state toll motorways A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica), which will be effective since December 1, 2021 in the e-TOLL system.

  • In the event of a light vehicle entering a motorway on A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica sections on 30/11/2021 just before midnight, e.g., at 23:55, using the option to collect a cardboard ticket, to pay the toll, download the e-TOLL PL TICKET mobile application as soon as possible and use it to purchase an electronic e-ticket for the above drive

  • E-ticket are addressed to users of light vehicles, i.e., passenger cars, motorcycles and vehicles with a total permissible total weight not exceeding 3.5 tons using toll motorway sections of A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław Sośnica) managed by the General Directorate National Roads and Motorways.

  • An e-ticket may be returned only at the e-TOLL system partner point where the e-ticket was purchased.

  • The E-tickets can be purchased since December 1, 2021.

  • Purchasing e-tickets does not require registration in the e-TOLL system.

  • E-tickets can be bought in advance, before the start of a planned drive in:

  • The e-TOLL PL TICKET application is used to purchase e-tickets. It is designed to be installed on a user's mobile device. The use is made on the terms set out in the Regulations and the privacy policy of the e-TOLL PL TICKET application. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store - for mobile devices with Android (minimum version 6), and for mobile devices with iOS systems (minimum version 14) - from the App Store. Downloading and using the application is free. The e-TOLL PL BILET application does not collect geolocation data and does not require registration in the e-TOLL system.

  • E-tickets can be purchased up to 60 days before the planned drive. A user may have several motorway e-tickets purchased simultaneously for future drives. An e-ticket will be valid for 48 hours from the indicated date and time. If you've changed your plans, you can return it before the declared travel start time.

  • To buy an e-ticket, the following data must be provided:

    1. vehicle registration number
    2. country of registration of the vehicle
    3. vehicle category (vehicle <3.5 t or motorcycle)
    4. motorway section (indication of the start and end nodes)
    5. date and time of intended commencement of the drive
  • The toll is collected pursuant to the Act of October 27, 1994, on toll motorways and the National Road Fund (i.e., Journal of Laws of 2020, item 2268 as amended - hereinafter referred to as u.a.p.).

  • If you have changed your plans, you can return your e-ticket if you make the return before the declared date and time of the start of your drive. Return can be made in the same way as you bought your e-ticket.

    Remember to keep the individual number - the identifier that each e-ticket has. You will need to provide it when returning your e-ticket.

  • E-tickets are valid for drivers traveling on toll motorway sections managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways:

    • A2 - Konin – Stryków (99 km)
    • A4 - Wrocław – Sośnica (162.4 km)

    For drivers of light vehicles, on the A4 Wrocław-Sośnica section of the motorway, driving within nodes located on the Gliwice bypass (Kleszczów - Gliwice Sośnica) is free of charge. There is no need for purchasing an e-ticket or using the e-TOLL PL application.

  • E-tickets expire after 48 hours from the declared date and time of commencement of the drive, or upon completion of the drive on the section for which the e-ticket was purchased.

    Each exit from a motorway does not end a drive. If a driver buys an e-ticket for the entire section, and during the drive they leave the motorway at the earlier exit, their e-ticket does not become invalid. The driver may re-enter the route and continue on the remaining sections with the same e-ticket during the 48 hours.

  • During an inspection carried out by inspectors of the Road Transport Inspection and officers of the Customs and Tax Service and the Police, an individual number must be presented - an identifier that each e-ticket has.

  • Pursuant to Art. 37ge. par. 1 and par. 2 of the Toll Motorways Act and the National Road Fund for failure to pay the toll for using a motorway, including for a drive continued on a motorway or its section after the end date and time of the validity period indicated on an e-ticket, an additional fee of PLN 500 is collected with a payment period of 14 days. If the additional fee is paid within 7 days from the delivery of the summons, its amount is reduced to PLN 400. The additional fee will not be charged if the toll is paid by purchasing an e-ticket within 3 days from the end of the drive.

    The additional fee is not collected if the toll is paid for this drive within 3 days from the date when the drive is completed on the motorway or its section, in the manner specified in art. 37a par. 9.

    In the case of road inspection, a deposit may be charged towards the additional fee, if a driver lives in a country that is not related to Poland by an agreement or agreement on cooperation in the mutual recovery of this fee.

    If during an inspection it is found that there is no valid motorway e-ticket or a GPS device transmitting geolocation data to the e-TOLL system (e-TOLL PL, OBU / ELS application), the vehicle driver will be fined with PLN 500. A driver's actions aimed at preventing the proper reading of the vehicle's registration plates (covering, decorating, adding additional signs, etc.) are also threatened with a criminal fine.


  • Replacing the vignette toll system with an electronic toll collection system on national roads (1 July 2011) was aimed at improving the systems of vignette tolls and tolls on toll motorways operating in Poland.
    The vignette toll was a flat-rate toll and was not related to the actual use of roads by vehicles, and was therefore independent of the actual road wear cost.
    The electronic toll is a real kilometer toll for the kilometers driven, based on the "user pays" and "polluter pays" principles, by introducing differentiated tolls depending on the vehicle's environmental impact.

  • The e-TOLL electronic toll collection system operates as based on GNSS satellite technology and wireless data transmission, it is used to pay electronic tolls for heavy vehicles and the toll for using the motorway for light vehicles. It is fully integrated with the already implemented systems of the Ministry of Finance, including ANPRS or SENT. The amount of the electronic fee is calculated as based on the geolocation data provided to the system. The system also enables toll payment for the use of A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorway sections. For users of light vehicles (paying the toll for a motorway drive), since December 1, another payment method was enabled - purchase of an e-ticket or, similarly to the electronic toll, they can provide globalization data using the e-TOLL PL application or OBU or ELS devices admitted to the system. The technologies used in e-TOLL enabled introducing free flow on toll motorways, without barriers, and thus switching off the manual toll collection system.  In the case of some concession sections, the introduced videotolling system is based on OCR technology (a camera that reads a car's registration number automatically). If a vehicle approaches gates that have the option to pay the toll, e.g., using an application compatible with the given system, the barrier is automatically raised. The use of videotolling technology in e-TOLL would necessitate constructing a separate, independent IT system supporting drivers only on A2 and A4 sections and integrating the system with the already operating e-TOLL system. It should also be emphasized that the solutions used in e-TOLL enable smooth passage through motorways without the need for constructing and maintaining toll plazas, and thus contribute to increased capacity of the motorway sections and increased driving comfort for drivers who will no longer be forced to wait in a traffic jam before entering a motorway.

  • If, before entering a toll motorway section or while traveling on such a section, you find out that you do not have a valid e-ticket:

    - do not stop right before the entry - you are putting yourself and others at risk,

    - buy an e-ticket as soon as possible, e.g., with the help of a passenger. You can also do it during your drive, stopping safely in a designated place. You can then buy an e-ticket in the e-TOLL TICKET application, partner application or at the nearest petrol station of our partners (the list of partners, their applications and petrol stations is available at etoll.gov.pl),

    - during your journey, officers of the Customs and Tax Service and the Police as well as inspectors of the Road Transport Inspection can check whether you have a valid e-ticket, and if there is no such e-ticket, a fine of PLN 500 may be imposed on you,

    - if your drive was not subject to control and you were not fined, and at the same time you did not manage to buy an e-ticket during the drive, you can buy the missing e-ticket until the end of the third day from the day of the end of the drive. If you do not buy an e-ticket within this time or if you buy an e-ticket after the 3 days from the end of the drive, you will be charged an additional fee of PLN 500 (based on the reading of your vehicle's registration number by the e-TOLL system infrastructure),

    - remember that when buying the missing e-ticket, both during the drive and after it is completed, you should enter the date and time corresponding to the moment of entering the motorway as the beginning of the e-ticket validity period.

  • Yes. The user may leave the route at an earlier junction, but then will not receive a refund for the remaining sections of the route. An e-ticket can only be returned before the planned date and time of the commencement of the journey.

  • No, an e-ticket is a single-use ticket valid for a period of 48 hours from the date and time of commencement of the journey indicated on the ticket on the declared route. If a driver re-enters the declared route, their journey may be registered in the system as unpaid. Thus, they may receive a request to pay an additional fee of PLN 500.

  • If your journey was not subject to control and you were not fined, and at the same time you did not manage to buy an e-ticket during the journey, you can buy the missing ticket until the end of the third day from the day of the end of the journey. Failure to buy a ticket within this time or purchase after 3 days from the end of the journey may result in an additional fee of PLN 500 (based on the reading of your vehicle's registration number by the e-TOLL system infrastructure).

    Remember that when buying a missing e-ticket, both during the journey and after its completion, the starting date and time of entering the motorway should be the beginning of the ticket validity period.

  • In the sales network of e-TOLL system partners, it is possible to receive confirmation of having an e-ticket issued in a traditional, paper form. The issue of an e-ticket at petrol stations is documented with a printout, which is made on a fiscal printer, but it is not a receipt, it is marked "Non-fiscal". A fiscal receipt is not issued for an e-ticket. What is more, in the case of a fleet card transaction, you can receive an additional printout confirming the card transaction. In the case of payment in cash or by credit card, it is possible to receive a debit note with customer data (invoice with the ND rate).

  • No, you do not need to have a proof of purchase of the motorway e-ticket during a road check. Each motorway e-ticket has its own unique TICKET IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. A driver may, but is not obliged to, keep the number of the e-ticket purchased or issued at the station and present it in the event of an inspection while driving. Pursuant to Art. 37a. par. 30 of the Act on toll motorways and the National Road Fund, the data contained in the ticket (e.g. unique ticket number, vehicle registration number, country of registration of the vehicle, motorway section for which the toll was collected, ticket validity period, number of km, amount of the toll for travel) is collected in the KAS Electronic Toll Collection System and stored in this system for not less than 12 months and not longer than 24 months, counting from the end of the calendar year in which the motorway or its section was travelled, unless a call shall be issued, as referred to in art. 1. 37ge par. 7 of the above act, administrative, enforcement or court administrative proceedings shall be initiated, in which the data is necessary; in this case, the data is stored until the end of the given procedure.

  • Yes. Using two applications at the same time, as their systems are based on the transmission of geolocation data, will result in charging the fee twice for the same trip.

  • Applicable payment methods in the e-TOLL system are available at:


  • When using Autopay, you do not need to buy a traditional e-ticket, because the system will read your location on its own at the right moment and automatically charge the fee for the ticket when you leave the motorway. All you need to do is have the application installed on your phone and agree to send push notifications. The application is based on GPS technology, but it downloads the vehicle's position only at the time of entering and exiting the motorway - the data is not stored or transferred to external entities.

    To start using e-TOLL as part of Autopay: download the application, create an account, and enter your vehicle details, add card details (to be used for payment), agree to read the location, and receive push notifications. Remember to turn on the application while traveling - it may run in the background.

  • The application downloads data only when the "Start travel" function is turned on, therefore before entering the motorway, make sure that the application is not turned on and that it does not transfer data to the e-TOLL system.

  • For the service to be performed - agree to read the location and receive push notifications (necessary, because this way we will send you a confirmation of the purchase of your e-ticket). When using the application, do not turn on the battery saving mode, as this may interfere with its operation. You can use dontkillmyapp.com to check detailed battery settings - some systems have their own in-app battery management strategy; you may need to add Autopay to the exceptions. Going to travel - turn on the application, it can run in the background.