About e-TOLL

What is e-TOLL

e-TOLL is an advanced solution developed, implemented, maintained and monitored by the Head of the National Revenue Administration for the collection of tolls on toll sections of motorways, expressways and national roads under the management of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA). It will replace the incumbent viaTOLL system.

e-TOLL is based on the Global Navigation Satellite System for vehicle position location. For users of light vehicles, the system will be available for the A2 motorway, Konin - Stryków section, and A4 motorway, Wrocław - Sośnica section.

Which geolocation devices are available for e-TOLL

When paying toll for driving on a motorway on e-TOLL, a driver of a vehicle or a vehicle train with maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes can choose the most convenient method of transmission of location data to the system: via a free application installed on their mobile device; via a location system, factory mounted in their vehicle (ELS); or using On-Board Units (OBU) in their vehicle.  

Access to the location data transmission devices is based on an open on-board unit (OBU) and external location system (ELS), which can be purchased on the free market. List of vendors who passed the applicable tests and have been approved for the e-TOLL system:

You can buy an OBU/ELS from these vendors’ distribution networks.

Only e-TOLL on state motorways

Users of passenger cars and motorcycles will pay for toll sections of the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways only electronically since December 1, and the manual system will no longer be available. Drivers entering the toll section of the motorway will not stop to collect tickets, and when leaving - to pay for the tickets at the collector’s booth. Traffic flow will be smooth, the so-called free flow.

This means that from December 1, the Manual Toll Collection System will be discontinued, and the state sections of the A2 and A4 motorways will be covered only by the e-TOLL system.

Drivers will pay for using motorways with:

  • e-ticket which they will be able to purchase: in the store at etoll.gov.pl, in the new e-TOLL PL TICKET application, in the applications of the e-TOLL system partners and in the partners' stationary distribution network;
  • the e-TOLL PL application or OBU / ELS on-board devices transmitting geolocation data to the e-TOLL system.

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