How to pay for a debit note

Debit notes are issued for postpaid accounts, for routes covered during a particular month. Payment for each note is due within 14 days of the date of issue. The amount due shall be paid within the specified time period to the bank account specified on the document.

You can pay for a debit note for a postpaid account either:

  • By bank transfer to the bank account specified on the debit note; or
  • Via the Online Customer Account (OCA), by:
    • Bank card,
    • Mobile payment – BLIK, Pay-By-Link.
  • At Customer Service Points, by:
    • Bank card,


The payment allocation system is changed. A user’s payment will be first applied to cover the earliest debt.

During registration in the Electronic Toll Payers Registry, each user receives a bank account number associated with the billing account, which will also be specified on the debit note document. Use this account for payment of electronic toll (bank transfer) for postpaid accounts.