The e-TOLL PL app can be downloaded free of charge at Google Play and AppStore. It is supported by Android (min. 6.0, recommended 11+) and IOS (13+).

The mobile app is a free tool for collecting electronic tolls on toll road sections in the new e-TOLL system. The app will also be available for the users of light vehicles driving on the A2 motorway on the section of Konin-Stryków and A4 motorway on the section of Wrocław-Sośnica. e-TOLL PL app is a convenient alternative for on board units (OBU) and external localization systems (ELS).

The app facilitates


  • electronic toll payment for all motor vehicles and combinations of vehicles with a GVW of more than 3.5 tonnes and buses, irrespective of their maximum permissible weight,
  • the payment of toll on toll sections of A2 and A4 state motorways,
  • the recharge and monitoring the prepaid payment account,
  • the implementation of the obligations of carriers of sensitive goods in the SENT-GEO system concerning the monitoring of transport, in accordance with the Act of 9 March 2017 on the system of monitoring road and rail transport of goods and trade in heating fuels.


Installation of the app on a mobile device

The app is available for download on Google Play and AppStore free of charge. Once the installation is complete, a device business ID is generated, which you enter in your Online Customer Account (IKK). After successful registration in IKK and adding the business ID of the e-TOLL PL mobile app, it will be visible as OBE (On Board Equipment), ready to be assigned to a vehicle. After indicating in which vehicle the application will be used, the user can start driving on toll roads.

Download - Terms and Conditions of e-TOLL PL app


Configure the application and assign vehicles to it in the Online Customer Account.

To this end, you need to select in the app:

  • type of journey: paid and/or SENT - depending on the journey
  • the vehicle you wish to assign to your account
  • default devices monitoring the passage of your vehicle (e-TOLL PL application or ELS/OBU)

Journey and summary of the journey in the e-TOLL PL app

Launch the app and start the journey. Once the journey is complete, click “end journey” in the app and get a summary of it.

The app supports off-line mode, signals the status of the device (optimal battery status, exceeding the time of no Internet connection or no GPS signal).

Performance of the SENT transport

The e-TOLL PL app gives the possibility to start and end SENT transport at any time during the transport and allows to monitor it.

Free e-TOLL PL app means a convenience for its users as it provides:

Lista kontrolna

  • 9 language versions;
  • access security through an individual PIN;
  • the possibility to view the history of journeys made in the last three months;
  • the ability to view notifications and messages received during the past week;
  • the possibility to mute the audio messages.


See how to start a toll journey in the e-TOLL PL application


Read the User's Guide of the e-TOLL PL application

User's Guide to e-TOLL PL Application