About e-ticket

An e-ticket is one of the payment methods for toll sections of the motorways managed by GDDKiA: A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica, it has been in force since December 1, 2021.

Drivers of motor vehicles and vehicle trains with maximum authorized mass ≤3.5 tonnes (hereafter light vehicles) are required to pay toll for driving on certain sections of state-owned toll motorways, i.e. A2 motorway: Konin – Stryków and A4 motorway: Wrocław – Sośnica, in accordance with the Act of 27 October 1994 on Toll Motorways and the National Roads Fund.

You can also pay for the sections in the e-TOLL system in the e-TOLL PL application and using GPS devices (OBU and ELS approved for the e-TOLL system).

Plan your route

In the Route calculator tab, you can quickly and easily check whether the planned route includes toll sections managed by GDDKiA, for which you must pay in the e-TOLL system.

You can do this using the Route Calculator.

Buy an e-ticket

You should buy an e-ticket before entering a toll section of a motorway. You can do it up to 60 days in advance, providing only the necessary data:

  • car or motorcycle registration number
  • motorway section
  • planned date and time of commencement of your drive.

Partners may also offer the option of automatically purchasing an e-ticket based on the geolocation data provided by the user. See an example.

Procedure in the case of lack of a missing e-ticket

If, before entering a toll motorway section or while traveling on such a section, you find out that you do not have a valid e-ticket:

- do not stop right before the entry - you are putting yourself and others at risk,

- buy an e-ticket as soon as possible, e.g., with the help of a passenger. You can also do it during your drive, stopping safely in a designated place. You can then buy an e-ticket in the e-TOLL TICKET application, partner application or at the nearest petrol station of our partners (the list of partners, their applications and petrol stations is available at etoll.gov.pl),

- during your journey, officers of the Customs and Tax Service and the Police as well as inspectors of the Road Transport Inspection can check whether you have a valid e-ticket, and if there is no such e-ticket, a fine of PLN 500 may be imposed on you,

- if your drive was not subject to control and you were not fined, and at the same time you did not manage to buy an e-ticket during the drive, you can buy the missing e-ticket until the end of the third day from the day of the end of the drive. If you do not buy an e-ticket within this time or if you buy an e-ticket after the 3 days from the end of the drive, you will be charged an additional fee of PLN 500 (based on the reading of your vehicle's registration number by the e-TOLL system infrastructure),

- remember that when buying the missing e-ticket, both during the drive and after it is completed, you should enter the date and time corresponding to the moment of entering the motorway as the beginning of the e-ticket validity period.

Where can you buy an e-ticket

You can buy an e-ticket at:

  • in electronic form in the e-TOLL PL TICKET application or in the applications of e-TOLL system partners
  • in electronic form in the store at etoll.gov.pl
  • in paper form at service points of our partners (at petrol stations)

Full list of the partner e-ticket distribution network can be found in the List of partners tab.

Each e-ticket has its own unique e-TICKET IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. Keep it and present it if you are controlled.

How long is an e-ticket valid and how to return it

Your e-ticket will be valid for 48 hours from the indicated start date of the drive. If you have changed your plans, you can return it before the declared drive start time in the same way you bought it:

  • if you bought an e-ticket in the e-TOLL PL TICKET application, return it in the same application
  • if you bought an e-ticket in the store on etoll.gov.pl return it in this store
  • if you bought an e-ticket from one of the partners, return it to the same partner, in accordance with the agreed rules