Prepaid account

Payment methods

ikona onlineAccount top-up via Online Customer Account (OCA)/e-TOLL PL mobile app:

  • Bank transfer,
  • Bank card,
  • Fleet card,
  • Mobile payment – BLIK, Pay-By-Link

ikona sklepAccount top-up at a Customer Service Facility:

  • Bank card,
  • Fleet card,
  • Cash.

ikona zegarElectronic toll clearing time

Any charged toll will automatically reduce the cash balance in the user’s billing account.

portfelUsing a toll roads network vs. money available in the account

Electronic toll is paid before the start of driving on those sections of national roads for which electronic toll is collected. The user is required to keep a minimum cash balance in their e-TOLL billing account to cover the whole amount of toll payable for a scheduled route.

Toll is charged for driving on specific sections of toll roads. The user can view these sections on signup to the Online Customer Account (OCA).

Ikona czas wsteczPayment of toll within 3 days after the end of the route

If toll cannot be paid because of insufficient funds in the billing account, the required amount will be charged from the user’s account within 3 days after the end of the route if:

  • You top up your account balance at least up to an amount sufficient for covering the outstanding payment, and
  • The geolocation data of the route was transferred from your mobile device, on-board unit or external location system to e-TOLL.

If no data was transferred from your mobile device, on-board unit or external location system to e-TOLL, outstanding electronic toll cannot be paid.

Such toll will not be collected if a violation is discovered through a roadside inspection when driving on a toll road. In such case, a fine for non-payment of electronic toll will be imposed on the party responsible for the violation through an administrative decision, in accordance with the Public Roads Act of 21 March 1985.

Toll can no longer be paid beyond 3 days after the end of the route for which electronic toll was not paid as required. Any breach of the obligation to pay electronic toll is subject to a fine imposed by the Chief Road Transport Inspector through an administrative decision.

Ikona zwrotRefund of unused monies

Cash from a user’s account can be refunded on the basis of a written refund instruction filed by the user. Such an instruction can be submitted through the Online Customer Account (OCA) or at a Customer Service Facility. The Head of the National Revenue Administration will make the refund in the same form in which the original payment was made, so that the refunded amount will be received in the card account of the card used for payment, or the bank account specified by the user in the instruction form if the payment was made by bank transfer.

If unused cash cannot be refunded with any of the methods specified above, the refund will be made to the bank account specified by the user (or the user’s authorized representative) in the instruction form.

Refunds will be made within 30 days of submission of a refund request by the user (or the user’s authorized representative).

Ikona uwagaIMPORTANT
Do not pay for any debit notes issued for prepaid accounts.