Warning against illegal forms of motorway e-vignette distribution on the territory of the Czech Republic

6 December 2021

According to the information we received from the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, there are known cases of dishonest sellers who use illegal forms to sell electronic motorway vignettes in the Czech Republic.

The Czech electronic motorway toll became applicable on January 1, 2021, for passenger cars with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons. The fees are fixed and remained at the same level as in 2020. No seller can sell them at a higher price without notifying the customer. There are three types of e-vignettes:

  • Annual (three hundred and sixty-five days respectively) = CZK 1,500; ecological price = CZK 750
  • Thirty days = CZK 440; ecological price = CZK 220
  • Ten days = CZK 310; ecological price = CZK 155

What is more, e-vignettes have their official sales channels, which include only:

  • E-shop at
  • Branches of the Česka pozta state enterprise (Czech Post)
  • A network of EuroOil petrol stations owned by the state-owned company ĆEPRO
  • Booths located at border crossings before raids on toll roads

According to the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, there are sellers on the market who charge significant handling fees when selling e-vignettes. Even though such a procedure is not illegal, it is very detrimental to drivers.

What is more, on various websites (e.g., Vignette- or you can find offers for sale at prices higher than the prices established in accordance with the applicable regulations. Sellers also offered to buy e-vignettes for motorcycles, even though in the Czech Republic, single-track vehicles are exempt from tolls. The authorities of the Czech Republic are already taking appropriate legal action in this matter.

In both cases, it is also possible that a driver does not receive the proof of purchase, and thus the intermediary from whom they purchased the ticket did not make the payment for it.

You are advised to be careful and attentive when paying tolls on toll roads in the Czech Republic in order not to become a victim of fraudsters.