viaTOLL shutdown. Changes for drivers from October 1, 2021

24 September 2021

  • There are only 8 days left until viaTOLL is shutdown. Do not hesitate and change the system to e-TOLL.
  • With the new system, you will pay for both national roads and motorways managed by GDDKiA.
  • From October 1, 2021, new traffic organization will be introduced at Toll Plazas on the A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica) motorways
  • From that day on, viaBOX and viaAUTO will not operate. The existing users of the devices should use the e-TOLL PL mobile application or e-TOLL compatible on-board devices.

The e-TOLL system has been operating since June 24 this year. People have already registered more than 300,000 vehicles with it. Heavy vehicle users should switch to e-TOLL as soon as possible. The registration with the new system does not itself make it impossible to use viaTOLL until September 30, 2021, i.e., until it is shutdown. Just remember to pay in one system only. Each user must also deregister from the viaTOLL system and can do so both before and after September 30. Information on how to deregister from viaTOLL is available at

Due to increased traffic at the ViaTOLL Customer Service Facilities, users are encouraged to contact us via the available online channels. Users have time to recover deposits for on-board devices (the so-called OBU / viaBOX) and transfer their funds until September 30, 2022.


How to register with e-TOLL

1. Select a device to transfer GPS data to the system:

  • e-TOLL PL mobile application, you can download it for free in Google Play and App Store, or
  • OBU or ELS device offered by a supplier approved for the e-TOLL system (the first devices are already available at e-TOLL Border Service Facilities, but the main distribution takes place through approved suppliers of the devices).

Up-to-date supplier lists:

NOTE! Each device has a unique business ID

2. Register and set up an Online Customer Account (OCA)

3. Specify the entity (private person or company) paying tolls

4. Create a billing account

5. Add the vehicle to your account

6. Choose the form of financing, billing account in one of the modes:

  • prepayment
  • interim payment with security

7. Match the on-board device and the vehicle

8. Activate the on-board device in accordance with the operator's manual or run the e-TOLL PL mobile application.


Changes for drivers on A2 and A4 motorways

In connection with shutting down the viaTOLL toll collection system, from October 1, 2021, there will be changes in the organization of traffic at the Toll Plazas (MPO) on the A2 Konin - Stryków and A4 Wrocław - Sośnica sections of motorways.

New traffic organization at the Toll Plazas mean:

1. designation of two extreme entry lanes and two extreme exit lanes at each Toll Plaza only for servicing vehicles using the e-TOLL system.

2. designation of one entry lane and one exit lane at each Toll Plaza only for servicing vehicles using the e-TOLL system. The remaining lanes at the Plazas until November 30, 2021, will service manual toll collection, it will be possible to pay the toll for using the motorway by card or in cash.

When entering / exiting the motorway through a Toll Plaza, be sure to choose the appropriate entry / exit lane. Each of them has been clearly and legibly marked, thus making it easier for drivers to exit the toll road efficiently.

Changes for viaBOX and viaAUTO users

From October 1, 2021, it will not be possible to pay tolls using the viaBOX and viaAUTO on-board devices. The existing users of the devices should from that day pay electronically, using the e-TOLL PL mobile application or e-TOLL compatible on-board devices. Users of light vehicles (with a GVM not exceeding 3.5 tons) may also use the manual method of toll collection until 30 November 2021.


December 1, 2021, end of barriers on state highways

More changes are waiting for drivers at the beginning of December:

  • raising the barriers on the toll motorways, A2 (Konin-Stryków) and A4 (Wrocław-Sośnica) sections, thanks to which traffic will be smooth without the need to stop;
  • it will be possible to pay for drives only through the e-TOLL PL application, OBU / ELS on-board devices or using an electronic ticket (intended for light vehicles). The purchase of such a ticket will be possible, for example, at a gas station, and it will not require the installation of any device or transfer of geolocation data. It is enough to enter the registration number of the vehicle and specify the road section on which the drive will be carried out.