End of the viaTOLL system

29 September 2021

  • As of October 1, the e-TOLL system will be the only system enabling the payment of electronic tolls on toll roads in Poland.
  • In the e-TOLL system payment will be possible for both national roads and motorways managed by GDDKiA.
  • For transport companies, this is the last moment to change the system to e-TOLL.
  • Light vehicle drivers can use the manual toll collection system or e-TOLL payments until November 30, 2021, on the state sections of the A2 and A4 motorways.

The e-TOLL system is a modern solution based on satellite positioning technology. It enables comprehensive online service without the need for visiting a customer service facility and signing a contract. The system allows users to view their history of payments and conveniently manage their account, there is also a possibility to choose a convenient device for transferring geolocation data.

– informs the head of the National Tax Administration Magdalena Rzeczkowska.

We granted a 3-month transition period for the transport industry, i.e., the two systems operated in pararrel, and we are constantly trying to support entrepreneurs in adapting to the change. This is the purpose of the tax relief for equipping vehicles with OBU / ELS devices and reduced tolls in e-TOLL. Passenger car drivers can still pay for motorway tolls manually, but they are also encouraged to use the new system.

– adds Magdalena Rzeczkowska.

viaTOLL shutdown

As at October 1 this year, the e-TOLL system will be the only electronic payment system. From that day on, the viaTOLL system and viaBOX and viaAUTO devices will not be operational. The existing users of the devices should use the e-TOLL PL mobile application or e-TOLL compatible on-board devices.

Remember to deregister from the viaTOLL system. You can do it both before - and after September 30. Users can recover their deposits for their on-board units (the so-called OBU / viaBOX) and transfer funds from the viaTOLL account until 30 September 2022. Information on how to deregister from viaTOLL is available at

How does e-TOLL work?

The e-TOLL system has been operating since June 24 this year. It enables payments for drives of heavy and light vehicles. The system covers the toll road network for heavy vehicles (approx. 3,700 km). On the sections of motorways managed by GDDKiA, i.e., A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław - Sośnica, the e-TOLL system can also be used by users of light vehicles.

The system has already registered more than 557 thousand vehicles. Heavy vehicle users must register with e-TOLL and select a device for transmitting geolocation data (OBU / ELS on-board device or the e-TOLL PL mobile application).

Registration in the e-TOLL system is possible online at and at Customer Service Facilities, as well as through a selected fleet card supplier.

Thanks to the use of satellite positioning technology, the e-TOLL system is open to various GPS devices, and carriers can choose a device tailored to their needs:

  • OBU (On-Board Unit),
  • External Location System (ELS), i.e., a GPS module built into the vehicle,
  • e-TOLL PL mobile application.

The e-TOLL PL mobile application can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store. The number of application downloads exceeded 216 thousand.

OBU and ELS devices are available from 89 suppliers approved for the e-TOLL system, they offer 359 types of such devices.

Light vehicle drives

Users of light vehicles (passenger cars and motorcycles) can use the manual method of toll collection until November 30 this year. After this date, the manual system will be turned off, and on state motorways, driving will take place in the "free flow" mode, without stopping at any gates.

All passenger car drivers who will not use the e-TOLL PL application or on-board devices to transmit geolocation data from 1 December this year will pay for drives by purchasing a motorway ticket (e-ticket).

As at December 1, 2021, motorcycle users will be able to pay for drives using the e-TOLL PL application or purchasing a motorway ticket.

Organization of toll plazas on A2 and A4

Due to the shutdown of the viaTOLL toll collection system, as at October 1, 2021, there will be changes in the organization of traffic at Toll Plazas on the sections of the A2 Konin - Stryków and A4 Wrocław - Sośnica motorways.

New traffic organization at the Plazas means:

  1. designation of two extreme entry lanes and two extreme exit lanes at each Toll Plaza only for servicing vehicles using the e-TOLL system.
  2. designation of one entry lane and one exit lane at each Toll Plaza only for servicing vehicles using the e-TOLL system.

The remaining lanes will operate in the manual toll collection mode until November 30, 2021. It will be possible there to pay the toll for using the motorway by card or in cash.

When entering / exiting the motorway, be sure to choose the appropriate entry / exit lane. Each of them has been clearly and legibly marked, thus making it easier for drivers to exit the toll road efficiently.

More information for drivers traveling on A2 and A4.