ELS devices used for the needs of the SENT system.

16 December 2021

In reference to communications informing about the expiration of old ELS services dedicated to the needs of the SENT system, we are providing information on the next stage of work.

On December 17 this year:

  • it is planned to have devices from the so-called old ELS services deregistered;
  • geolocation data from ELS devices registered in the old ELS services will no longer be accepted by the SENT-GEO system;
  • ELS locators registered in the old ELS services cannot be used for the needs of the SENT system and used in the forms available on PUESC.

If you are an ELS operator:

  • we will send you, to the email address assigned to your PUESC account, a list of ELS devices registered in old ELS services that will be deregistered;
  • since December 17 this year, it will not be possible to transfer geolocation data to SENT-GEO from devices registered in the old ELS services.

If you are a carrier that uses ELS devices for the needs of the SENT system:

  • make sure that the ELS device you are using is registered and properly configured in the new ELS services;
  • remember that the users of ELS locators are obliged by the Act of March 9, 2017, on the monitoring system for road and rail freight transport and heating fuel trading (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1857) to provide current geolocation data of their means of transport.

Please be reminded you that there is currently one application for the e-TOLL and SENT systems and it is possible to use ELS locators registered only as part of the new ELS services. More information can be found in the News.