EETS now available in Poland

17 October 2022

  • On 17 October 2022, Poland joined the group of countries providing the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS).
  • Thanks to EETS, it is possible to pay tolls on roads covered by electronic toll collection within the European Union using a single on-board unit.

European Electronic Toll Service makes it possible to pay for travel in the European Union member states with electronic toll collection systems on the basis of only one contract, with one EETS provider, using one on-board unit (OBU). EETS makes it easier for international carriers to pay tolls and complete journeys. Thanks to this solution, there is no need to install and uninstall various devices in the vehicle used to calculate the appropriate fee, depending on the country of travel and the toll service provider – one on-board unit is enough.

The first accredited EETS provider in Poland is Telepass S.p.A. Soon the service will also be available from other suppliers.

Important for e-TOLL users

e-TOLL users wishing to use EETS should contact a certified EETS provider or follow the information published at

On the basis of a contract concluded with the Head of the National Tax Administration, the EETS provider takes over part of the tasks in relation to toll collection. The provider supplies the OBUs necessary to calculate and collect the toll due. Fees are settled between the OBU user and the EETS provider and between the EETS provider and the Head of the National Tax Administration.