Information for OBU and ZSL operators

ELS and OBU devices will be provided on a commercial basis by entities providing services in the field of servicing transport companies, the so-called OBU and ZSL operators. Data from OBU and ELS devices will be transferred to the system on the terms specified in the document entitled: Technical requirements for the transfer of geolocation data necessary to collect electronic tolls for OBU and ELS operators. Before connecting to the system, the operator must pass integration tests.

The Ministry of Finance also published a document (to be downloaded in the materials below) that will define the manner of their conduct: Information on how to conduct integration tests for OBU and ELS operators.

The integration documentation is to enable the operators of OBU and ELS to start work on the preparation of devices for data transfer to the Electronic Toll Collection System of KAS.

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* English-language versions of the attached materials are auxiliary versions; the prevailing ones are the versions in Polish

Raport Z Przejazdów V011

Raport Template V011

Instrukcja Dopuszczenia V5

Instruction For Admittance V5

Wymogi Techniczne Przekazywania Danych Geolokalizacyjnych Niezbędnych Do Poboru Opłaty Elektronicznej Dla Operatorów OBU I ZSL V.7.1

Technical requirements of transferring geo-location data necessary to collect the electronic amount for the OBU and ELS Operators

Informacja Na Temat Sposobu Przeprowadzania Testów Integracyjnych Dla Operatorów V6.1

Information On The Means Of Conducting Integration Tests For OBU And ZSL