About GPS devices

To enable electronic toll collection in the e-TOLL system, you have several choices:

OBU (On Board Unit)

An OBU (On Board Unit) is designed for electronic charging of toll payable for driving on toll roads. In order to drive on roads covered by the e-TOLL system, you need an on-board unit or an ELS unit, available from the distribution network. OBU is a GNSS class device that sends geolocation data to e-TOLL through data transmission.

After you obtain your on-board unit, read the instructions and guidelines enclosed to your specific type of OBU. You will also have to register on e-TOLL and allocate the on-board unit to the selected vehicle. OBU installation should be according to the enclosed manufacturer instruction.

OBUs approved for use (those which scored positive in the e-TOLL system testing) can be obtained from the distribution network of OBU operators.

ELS (External Localization System)

For ELS units, contact your ELS operator to enable e-TOLL as an additional service and to replace your device if necessary. If you are a potential new user of ELS operator services, contact one of the operators listed on the Ministry of Finance website that scored positive in e-TOLL admission testing (this applies to their equipment as well), to verify compliance with the e-TOLL system requirements. Such operator will install an ELS unit in the vehicle and enable the e-TOLL service.

If you use ELS units, make sure to register with e-TOLL and assign your ELS unit to the vehicle where it is installed.

Remember! Before purchasing a device, please ensure that the device is e-TOLL-approved and that the operator offering the device is e-TOLL-approved.

e-TOLL PL application

Free to download at Google Play or AppStore.
The application enables the payment of toll road tolls, recharging and monitoring of the account balance, as well as fulfillment of obligations of carriers of sensitive goods in the SENT-GEO system.


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