• External Location System (ZSL)

External Location System (ZSL)

A ZSL is a device permanently installed in the vehicle by a ZSL operator. The device sends geolocation data to e-TOLL through data transmission.

How to use a ZSL:

  • check the list of ZSL operators and ZSLs approved for e-TOLL (the list can be found in the Materials to download section below),
  • to purchase the device, contact the selected ZSL operator that will provide you with the device along with its unique business number,
  • get registered in e-TOLL (see how to do it in the How to get registered in e-TOLL) tab, register the device, match the device with the vehicle and activate it – you can do it quickly and smoothly via the Internet Customer Account.

Check the validity of the purchased subscription. Contact your operator to extend it before it expires. If you fail to renew the subscription, the ZSL will be blocked and geolocation data will not be sent. In this case you will be exposed to the consequences of failure to pay tolls for driving on toll roads.

If the OBU or ZSL device is not working properly or has suffered a technical failure, a report on this matter should be addressed exclusively and directly to the supplier from whom it was purchased. The Ministry of Finance and the National Fiscal Administration shall not be held liable for failures and technical problems of devices for transmitting geolocation data to the e-TOLL system. A failure of the device purchased at a Customer Service Centre (MOK) of the e-TOLL network may be reported only at the same MOK where the device was purchased. Proof of purchase together with the device is required for acceptance of the claim. The completed claim form is sent by an employee of the MOK to the supplier of the OBU/ZSL device for processing.

Materials to download

  • List of OBU ZSL Operators and devices in the e-TOLL system

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