For EETS users

EETS Users

Thanks to the EETS service, road users only need one device with which they will be able to pay tolls on roads covered by electronic toll collection throughout the European Union.

  • One contract
  • One on-board unit, the so-called OBU
  • One user account

The amount of electronic toll collected in the e-TOLL system by the Head of KAS and all EETS service providers is the same. Providing services for e-TOLL users is the responsibility of the EETS Provider with whom the user has contracted.

How to use EETS?

To use the EETS Provider's service, it is necessary to contact its branch directly or follow the information provided on the EETS Provider's website:

The first accredited EETS provider in Poland, in the area of toll collection by the Head of KAS is Telepass S.p.A. Soon the service will also be available from other suppliers.

Information on the EETS Providers registered in Poland is available on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure at: Krajowy Elektroniczny Rejestr Obszarów EETS i Dostawców EETS - Ministerstwo Infrastruktury - Portal (