Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy of e-TOLL PL app

Dear User! Thank you for downloading the e-TOLL PL application. Please read the regulations before you start using the application. The regulations explain how and under what terms and conditions the application works, and also contain important information about your personal data and security.

The e-TOLL PL application enables the Head of the National Revenue Administration to process your data, including geolocation data, to fulfil the obligations set out in the act. The data is stored in encrypted form on your mobile device.

The application enables you to pay an electronic fee and toll in accordance with the requirements set out in the Act on public roads and the Act on toll motorways and the National Road Fund. The application also enables the monitoring of transport in SENT (system for electronic transport supervision). The application is an alternative to other forms of the fulfilment of the above-mentioned statutory obligations.

Due to making the data transfer function available in the application, which covers also geolocation data, the Head of the National Revenue Administration shall process the data of application users to enable the fulfilment of the obligation to pay the electronic fee and toll as well as to monitor transport in the SENT system. The data is sent from the device of the travelling user, which requires the user to select the appropriate function of the application.

In order to use the application to pay an electronic fee or toll, it is necessary to accept the regulations as well as register the vehicle and the application business number in the Internet Customer Account (IKK) in the SPOE KAS system (mojekonto.etoll.gov.pl). The application is free of charge. The application and related services are provided by the Head of the National Revenue Administration.


Regulations and Privacy Policy of the e-TOLL PL Application