Changing the list of fleet card providers and the scope of services for e-TOLL users

1 July 2022

  •       From 1 July 2022, each issuer of fleet cards will be able to establish direct cooperation with the head of the National Tax Administration (KAS).
  •        It will be possible to pay the electronic fee using a fleet card as security.

Starting July 1st, the rules of cooperation of the head of KAS with the issuers of fleet cards will change in terms of the possibility of registration and payment of tolls on toll sections of roads managed by GDDKiA. Each fleet card issuer, after passing the integration tests and providing security, will be able to sign a contract with the head of KAS without agency of the service integrator.

Changes for users

The changes apply to users of heavy vehicles and light vehicles who have registered and pay for e-TOLL journeys using fleet cards.

Starting July 1st, it will be possible to pay the electronic fee with the use of a fleet card as security in the e-TOLL system.

Later, services related to the use of prepaid payments (prepaid account) using fleet cards at Customer Service Facilities and in the Online Customer Account will be available. We are working on making them quickly available to users.

Fleet Card Vendor List

The current list of card providers in the e-TOLL system is available at

Make sure your fleet card provider is integrated with the e-TOLL system before you start your journey.